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68% of 18-34s see CPD as boosting their chances of promotion

National Qualities Index 2019

CPD Standards Office

We work closely with the CPD Standards Office (CPDSO) to offer accreditation to training and learning providers – rooted in our shared values: that CPD should be better, easier and more affordable.

CPDSO Accredited


We are working in partnership with QDooz, the innovative, new, CPD accredited digital platform for essential employability Soft Skills and Character Qualities. Working with QDooz, we will be able to significantly build membership of the Institute of Professional Development, providing a simple and practical way to achieving MInstCPD – whilst recognising the increasing importance of soft skills alongside technical skills for career success.

Members of the ICPD will be offered QDooz Premium membership as part of their annual ICPD membership. Members of QDooz who attain 30 hours of CPD on the QDooz platform will be offered membership status of ICPD.

Accredited Soft Skills Learning Platform


In 2020 we will announce further partnerships – with Professional Membership Organisations, leading recruiters, employers and other organisations.